On the Side of Taxpayers.

A conservative Republican his entire life, Todd knows the importance of balancing budgets. He spent five years at the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, where he was responsible for writing, managing, and accounting for the agency’s federal Traffic Safety Resource grant. As our Chief Assistant Solicitor-General, he has worked to streamline the legal process and make our criminal justice system more efficient for everyone.

Todd supports each of the Cherokee County State Court accountability court programs. These programs help drive down recidivism by stabilizing destructive behavior patterns and lifestyles. He understands that by breaking the cycle of criminal behavior, successful accountability courts save taxpayer dollars.

On the Side of Families.

Todd is one of Georgia’s leading DUI prosecutors. For almost fifteen years, he has worked tirelessly to protect our families by keeping dangerous and reckless drivers off of our roads. After becoming Cherokee County’s Chief Assistant Solicitor-General, he was recognized by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his outstanding service.

As our next Solicitor-General, Todd will continue fighting to keep our roadways safe and take criminals off our streets.


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